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A picture of me in front of the (American) Niagara falls.
Me in front of the (American) Niagara falls.


I am Luuk Verhoeven, recent Ph.D. graduate in mathematics from the university of Western Ontario with Masoud Khalkhali. My thesis is available here. Before this I obtained my Master's degree at the Radboud University with Walter van Suijlekom.

My main interests are in non-commutative geometry, in particular relating to "composition" of spectral triples and their curvature, and random matrix theory, where I am particularly interested in random matrix models originating from considering a path-integral over the space of Dirac operators.

I'm currently looking for a postdoc position where I would have the opportunity to pursue these interests, but also expand my horizon in any related field. My resume is available here

You can reach me at lverhoe at uwo dot ca or luuksv at gmail dot com.