Luuk Verhoeven >> Publications


  • Riemannian embeddings in codimension one as unbounded \(KK\)-cycles. With Walter D. van Suijlekom (in preparation). (arxiv)
  • From noncommutative geometry to random matrix theory. With Hamed Hessam, Masoud Khalkhali and Nathan Pagliaroli, in Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical. (arxiv)
  • Immersions and the unbounded Kasparov product: embedding spheres into Euclidean space. With Walter D. van Suijlekom, in Journal of NCG. (arxiv)


  • Ph.D. thesis: Geometry in spectral triples: immersions and fermionic fuzzy geometries. With Masoud Khalkhali as supervisor and Walter van Suijlekom as co-supervisor. (pdf, Western Thesis Repository)
  • Master's thesis: Embedding the Circle into the Plane in Unbounded \(KK\)-theory. With Walter D. van Suijlekom. (pdf)